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Hi, I'm Majesty Christian, born and raised in Fort Worth, Texas. Purposely named for greatness, I set out to pursue a BFA in Graphic Design at TCU once I realized Computer Science was far from my dreams. While I had a strong interest in math and coding, drawing was my first love. I grew up as an artist, drawing my way through school as a passion and entertainment, not a hobby. Digital/Computer Art opened the doors to the possibility of Graphic Design despite my lack of knowledge of the field as it combined my love of computers and art into one. Having graduated, I made my own dreams come true by working at the happiest place on earth, Disney, where I create magic and happiness for guests and cast all alike.

You'll usually find me working on various projects from coding websites from scratch, to designing corporate brands; and when I have some free time, I draw comics for fun.

Currently accepting freelance opportunities. Please contact me for more information.


Branding & Design

From advertising to typography; developing identities with distinguishing character, and effective visual communication.



Creating stunning visuals with vibrant colors and contrasting line weights with a unique blend of styles, techniques and various mediums.


Web & Interactive

Designing and developing highly functional, unique and stunning platforms ranging from animation to web design for brands and campaigns.

To learn more about me, download my resume here.

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